ALPEMA — Advantages

Over the past 50  years, brazed aluminum  plate-fin heat exchangers (BAHXs) have become the  preferred type for a variety of specialized and general applications, mainly as a result of unique  capabilities in heating and cooling liquids and gases, and boiling and  condensing with single and multicomponent streams. Users can benefit from their
1. exceptionally small size, weight and  footprint which saves installation and space costs
2. very large surface area per unit volume  combined with high heat transfer coefficients thus giving an outstanding  thermal performance from a small exchanger
3. ability to handle tiny temperature  differences between streams thereby reducing compressor power and giving  improved reheat
4. ability to  accommodate many streams in the same exchanger thus giving greater flexibility  in process flow-sheet design and in process integration
5. small fluid inventory with consequent  improvements in control, safety and product quality.